All prices are based on the hanging weight (dressed out with bones included) of the animal. Finished package weights will be roughly 65-70% of hanging weight

Processing Fees:

There is a $0.60/lb processing fee that is due to the butcher.

The butcher also charges a ‘butcher fee’ that covers their labor in butchering the animal and discarding of the hide, etc. This fee is $65.00 per head or $32.50 for a half and $16.25 for a quarter. There is also a $10.00 fee for fat and bone disposal.

Estimating Costs:

A beef half will generally weigh about 250 lbs. hanging weight. A quarter will usually be around 125 lbs.

Beef Half Estimate:

250 lbs x $4.00 (half beef price/lb.) = $1000.00

250 lbs x $0.60 = $150.00



Total: $1192.50

This is only an estimate, actual pricing will vary based on the individual animal’s weight. There are additional fees for making hamburger patties ($0.50/lb.), cubed steak ($0.50/lb.), and rolled rump roast ($0.50/roast).

Estimating Cuts:

Below is an estimate for the number of cuts from a 250 pound half. If ordering a quarter, ignore the quantities from the other quarter.

Front Quarter:

Chuck Roast: 12 packages at 2lb/package

Swiss Steak (Arm Roast): 6 packages at 2 lb/package

Ribeye Steak: 12-15 steaks at ¾ in. thickness. Or 2 Standing Rib Roasts

Short Ribs: 5 packages with 2/package

Brisket: 1

Skirt Steak (Fajitas): 2 packages

Hamburger: 25-30 pounds

Boiling Beef: 3 packages of 2/package

Hind Quarter:

T-Bone: 20 steaks

Sirloin Steak: 8 large slices and a couple of small slices (1 large slice is 2-3 servings)

Round Steak: 12 pounds

Cubed Steak: 8 pounds

Rump Roast: 6 packages at 2lb/package

Sirloin Tip Roast: 8 pounds (this comes off of the top of the round steak area. If you choose the tip roast subtract 8 pounds from the round steak total)

Flank Steak: 1

Hamburger: 25-30 pounds

Boiling Beef: 3 packages at 2/package

*Filet mignon, or tenderloin, comes automatically with every half or hind quarter order


You can customize your order to fit your needs. We sell one pound packages of hamburger in our store, but if you use 2 pounds at a time just specify 2 pounds per package and they will do that. Don’t feel obligated to take every cut of meat offered. If you don’t care for a certain cut they will grind that into additional hamburger for you.

If there is a certain cut that you want, but are unsure how to have it packaged, write ‘yes’ in the first column of the order sheet and the butcher will package it according to their standard procedure. A blank line, or a ‘no’, or line through the item means that you do not want that cut.

A quarter of beef will take up between 3-4 cubic feet of freezer space and about double that for a half.