mmBossie Cheddar

Aged minimum 60 days



Like the rest of our cheeses, mmBossie Cheddar is made from raw milk from grass fed cows. It is a mild-mannered cheddar with a smooth texture, close-knit paste and gentle flavor reminiscent of a young Colby, but with the depth and character of a true cheddar. the mouth-feel is creamy with a hint of resilience. The call, "mmBoss, mmBoss" is a variant traditional dairy call based on the ancient Roman word for cow: "bos."

Uses: Perfect for snacking, on a sandwich, with tacos or mixed in scrambled eggs. Consider it with any spicy chicken dish like a White or Green Chili. Serve with a hard cider, apple ale, Rhine wine or German Bock. A sweet cranberry wine complements the flavor of the cheese nicely as well.