Our beef and dairy herds are 100% grass-fed using rotational grazing strategies. During the winter we feed dry hay in open barns with deep bedding to keep the cows clean and well fed.



During the growing season, our pigs are kept out on pasture where they can graze and forage. We also feed them whey from the cheese-making process and a non-GMO grain ration to round out their diet.



Broiler Chickens

We start our broilers as day-old chicks in our indoor brooder facility. Once they are hardy enough to be outside we move them out to floor-less shelters that are pulled forward daily to give them access to fresh, clean grass. Throughout their lives they are fed a non-GMO grain ration.



Our flock is 100% grass-fed. During the growing season our sheep are kept on pasture, during winter they are fed dry hay in an open shed with deep bedding to keep them dry and well fed.



Our turkeys arrive as day-old chicks that we brood in the same fashion as our broiler chickens. Once they are hardy enough to be outside they are housed in portable shelters for several weeks as they get bigger. When they reach a certain size we allow them out on pasture where they can continue to forage plants and insects on a larger area. To round out their diet we feed a non-GMO grain ration throughout their life.


Laying Hens

Our laying hens are housed in a hoop greenhouse with deep bedding; during the summer we allow access to a grass run or use mobile coops for them to free range from. They receive a non-GMO grain ration year round.