Lacey Auglaize

Aged for 2-4 Months


Lacey Auglaize is a variant of our popular Black Swamp cheese. By tweaking our aging process, we achieved a big hole swiss in the vein of Emmantal. Its flavor is slightly salty, subtly sweet with fruity notes and undertones and aroma of fresh-cut hay. The Emmental cheese is one of Switzerland’s most famous “alpine“ cheeses, originating in the predominantly German portion of the country. Our Lacey Auglaize is named for the classic, lace-like texture of the cheese, combined with the nearby Auglaize river that runs roughly a mile west of our farm.

Uses: As what is in essence a classic Swiss cheese, Lacey Auglaize can be used in any place one would typically use a Swiss. From deli sandwiches like the ubiquitous ham and swiss or the classic reuben, to a tangy fondue with crisp baguette, to a lovely quiche lorraine. It pairs well with red or white table wines like reisling, chardonnay, merlot, zinfandel or pinot noir, stonger beers like bock, lager or stoudt, and would go nicely with apples, pears and dried fruit.


8oz. - $8

1/4 wheel - $36.25

1/2 wheel - $70