All prices are based on the hanging weight (dressed out with bones included) of the animal. Finished package weights will be roughly 65-70% of hanging weight

Processing Fees:

There is also a $0.59/lb processing fee that is due to the butcher.

The butcher also charges a ‘butcher fee’ that covers their labor in butchering the animal and discarding of the skin, etc. This fee is $45.00 per head or $22.50 for a half.

Estimating Costs:

A half hog will generally weigh between 90-110 lbs. hanging weight.

Pork Half Estimate:

90 lbs x $3.00 = $270.00

90 lbs x $0.59 = $53.10


Total: $345.60

This is only an estimate, actual pricing will vary based on the individual animal’s weight. There is an additional fee for making patties & links ($0.50/lb.), and smoked meats ($1.00/lb.).

Estimating Cuts:

Below is an estimate for the number of cuts from a 90 pound half.

Pork Chops: 32 @ ½” thick

Loin Roast: 3 @ 2.5 lbs.

Shoulder Roast: 3 @ 3 lbs.

Tenderloin Roast: 4 @ 2 pounds (The tenderloin roast and pork chops come from the same muscle. You can choose one or the other or half of each)

Ham: 22lbs. (You can choose to have it split into smaller roasts (2-3 pounds) or have part of it sliced into steaks or made into additional ground meat)

Spare Ribs: 3 packages at 1.5 lbs.

Bacon or Fresh Side Pork: 7-8 lbs.

Ground Meat: 15 lbs. (This can be in any form: bulk, links, or patties for sausage; or bratwurst)


You can customize your order to fit your needs. We sell one pound packages of bulk sausage in our store, but if you use 2 pounds at a time just specify 2 pounds per package and the butcher will do that. Don’t feel obligated to take every cut of meat offered. If you don’t care for a certain cut they will grind that into additional ground meat for you.

If there is a certain cut that you want, but are unsure how to have it packaged, write ‘yes’ in the first column of the order sheet and the butcher will package it according to their standard procedure. A blank line, or a ‘no’, or line through the item means that you do not want that cut.

A half of hog will take up between 2-3 cubic feet of freezer space and about double that for a whole.