Wabash Erie Canal

Aged 4-6 Months



The main flavors of this raw Comte-style cheese are a delicate balance of brown butter and roasted nuts with a sweet finish; think Comte meets Gruyere. Wabash Erie Canal is an excellent cheese for tasting on its own. Its firm texture and mellow, yet complex flavor will appeal to most people, even those who sometimes hesitate to try an artisan, natural-rind cheese. Wabash Erie Canal is named after one of the two canals that intersected in the town of Junction, just north of the farm.

Uses: Because Wabash Erie Canal has such a broad range of flavors, you can get quite creative. Try with various fruits, jams, nuts, boiled potatoes and rustic bread varieties. It pairs well with any number of dry whites, lighter reds or even sherry.


 8oz. - $8

1/4 Wheel - $36.25

1/2 Wheel - $70